Why Pawnbroking?

  • Cash while you wait

  • Secured against your item

  • Only 7% per month interest
    100.5% APR Representative

  • No credit check

  • Usually takes around 10 minutes

  • Your items are stored in insured high security safes

  • Very discrete

  • Proud Members of the National Pawnbrokers Association

Heptinstalls have been offering a pawnbroking service for over 30 years on Jewellery, Diamonds and Watches.


We give CASH LOANS against the security of the following:

  • Gold and Platinum Jewellery
  • Diamond and Gemstone Jewellery
  • Luxury Watches, especially Rolex

We value the items you would like to leave with us, the loan amount is then agreed and the cash paid immediately. This is very QUICK and usually carried out within a few minutes. Unlike banks you don’t have to book an appointment or have a credit check carried out.

Your items will be SECURE with us for the period of the loan in our high security and insured safes with the most modern alarm systems and anti theft deterrents.

Pawnbroking loans are SHORT TERM loans for seven months, meaning you can have your item back long before an equivalent bank loan would be paid. The option is there to take out a new loan at the end of the seven months, but pawnbroking is a short term solution and best paid off during the loan term of seven months.

We require IDENTIFICATION in order to give you the cash loan. A photographic ID to confirm your identification and address.


– Payback just £107 if collected in a months time

Compare that to Payday loans and bank overdraft charges

However if you borrow for the full term of 7 months:

Borrow £100 and repay over 7 months at an annual interest rate of 84% (fixed) then you will repay a total amount of £140.00, comprising of interest of £40.00 in a single instalment. This representative APR is 100.5%

You can pay back the loan at any point of the 7 month contract.

The majority of all Pawnbroking loans are reclaimed and successful, if you do fail to repay the loan then we will contact you first to try and find a solution before taking the step of selling the item on your behalf.


9:30 ~ 17:00


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