Now is the time to sell gold. Due to geopolitical tensions recently the gold prices have increased significantly to an all time high. This is making it the best time to bring in your scrap gold or jewellery to sell.

Established in 1928 Heptinstalls  has always offered the service of taking in gold against purchases or buying the gold outright. Since the huge jump in gold prices a few years ago we have taken this speciality further becoming the centre for you to sell gold. For weeks gold has climbed its way to the highest we have seen but for now seems to be keeping at the all time high, we advise not to wait to sell gold as the price can drop at any time.

Sell Gold Heptinstalls Worthing

Despite the huge increase in gold price we still pay more for items of jewellery. Resalable items are worth more to us then scrap gold as we have a incredible jewellery refurbishment team that restores modern, vintage and antique jewellery so someone else can enjoy its beauty.

We provide a on-site examination by our trained team and gemologist to give you the best deal possible to beat competitive prices, this means you do not have to send your items away you will be paid immediately in-store.  Selling your items is easy, quick and simple, just bring the items of jewellery to us and we will inspect them and pay you while you wait. You don’t need to make an appointment, just come in store to see us.

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