This all original 1950 Omega watch came in to us for servicing, the dial and hands are all original and the case was in exceptional condition for its age. It did however have a significant dent to one side.

A dent of this size if polished out would have changed the shape of the case and it would not have been so rounded, loosing the lovely 1950’s shape spoiling the look of the watch.

Using a set of old (1880’s) pocket watch case makers anvil and dies we pushed the dent out from the inside of the case, making the case round again. Meaning only a small amount of correction was needed with polishing, reducing the amount of gold that had to be removed.

The original crown which was gold plated had worn significantly and the stem had started to corrode where it secures to the crown. Thankfully Omega still make this exact same crown so we were able to source a replacement.


The final results really impressed us and the quality of this watch really shines through. The customer was really happy with the work on his late fathers watch and I am sure they will continue to treasure their watch and keep it in their family for many more years to come.