We specialise in Rolex servicing and carry a large stock of parts and can get any parts from our extensive range of suppliers & contacts from around the world.

This GMT Master II came in for a routine service, but as you can see a Rolex movement has many parts, which all require individual cleaning and inspection to ensure they still fall within the original specification.

After assembling the level of finish on a Rolex is always impressive. This movement is the newer style with an improved hairspring and easily achieves its chronometer rating when it went through our rigorous testing procedure.
With our case refinishing we always polish the case to original specifications as given by Rolex. The case is fully stripped to each individual part and first re-shaped to remove any dents or marks before polishing to a mirror finish. This allows us to keep the original shape and reduce loss of metal, meaning no rounded edges or over polished lines.

On reassembly the watch is again tested for both water resistance, and condensation test to ensure the case is sealed without moisture inside. Then the watch is once again tested for time keeping and correct function of all the complications before finally going back on a movement simulator. This simulates the movement of the watch on a wrist to test time keeping in different positions and to test the automatic winding system of the watch.